What Our Clients Say

We constantly make ourselves better and keep ascending in our services to our clients.

“It was mainly because of their ideas and friendliness that we decided to go for Ascenders Design studio. Overall the renovation was good and everything. They were able to hack down the wall between the study and bedroom to open up the space.

I really liked how we were able to link up the two areas by doing this. Even their follow-up after the renovation was good. Our interior designer called back after a few weeks to check whether everything was okay.

If I was to point out one room for improvement, perhaps the project management could be better. Overall I am very satisfied with the way my house turned out.”

“I found Ascenders Design Studio through word of mouth. I would describe my interior designer, Jayson, as someone who is very efficient and willing to go beyond his job scope which made the entire renovation process smooth sailing. The upper window in our flat had no grills and we asked Jayson for advice.

Even though it was not part of his job scope and actually a troublesome task, Jayson was very efficient in helping us solve the issue. Another time, the heater was not working (from external supplier) and after contacting him, it was fixed within 2 days. Overall, we found his workmanship and service to be really good.

Even though there were some minor issues from the renovation, he was quick in mending it and he has a really good attitude. We were very satisfied with our kitchen design and he was able to suggest to us designs that could maximise space use to its best. It was a good balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Another impressive situation was when he pointed out that our bedroom wardrobe, positioned against the pipes, could pose a future issue of leaking and staining. His keen eye for detail and pro-activeness in suggesting ways to help the home function better left us with a very good impression of him. In the future, if we had to renovate again, we would definitely approach him.

“I got a recommendation from a friend for Ascenders Design Studio. I really liked the customer service and assurance the interior designer, Jayson, provided and hence decided to engage him for my renovation.

I had a concept in mind and I shared it with Jayson, who helped put my idea into context by giving me feedback and telling me what would be advisable for the house and what would not. This gave me a different perspective especially for someone like me who has no background knowledge in interior design. Overall the renovation process was very good and the handover was done earlier than expected.

In particular I really liked the way the kitchen and study room has been done up and the workmanship is of quality. A few touch-ups were needed after the renovation and Jayson was prompt to rectify these issues.”

“I am actually a friend with someone from Ascenders. The overall service and follow-up was very prompt, he would get back to us in within 1-2 days time. A suggestion for improvement would be the workmanship. Though it is good, I feel that it could be better. I would definitely recommend Ascenders to my friends.”

“I know the owner of Ascenders personally. The designs they proposed met our expectations and we were pleased with it and hence decided to engage them for our renovation. Both the service and quality of the work done by the interior designer was very good.

Their response was fast and efficient as well. We did not require much follow up because everything was done properly. I had recommended them to one of friends who needed to renovate their home.”

“The designers whom I dealt with comprised of a young and incredibly helpful team. As I needed to be able to move into my new place quickly, they managed to finish everything according to schedule and only took 6 weeks to complete my renovation works despite it being quite a big project.

If there was anything that needed to be touched up, they were always prompt in responding and getting someone to fix them. They might not be the cheapest in the market, but it was certainly worth the money for their service was great.”

“Jayson has been very professional in handling and executing my project. I had a vision of what I wanted in mind, and he was able to materialize it into a reality. He was very prompt in responding to me and was able to make sure that things go according to the timeline.

We have made several changes along the way but Jayson was very accommodative to the changes. I am happy with the end result and their service was excellent.”

“The entire renovation has been very smooth with Jayson. When I first spoke to him, he gave out a very confident feel from the way he spoke and from the opinions that he had given out to us. My husband loves the whole concept that Jayson has came up with for our place and I would say that we are now proud owners of our place.

The carpentry works are great and the designs turned out to be even better than what we have expected. Basically, we are just very, very happy with the result. Pricing was also good because the costs were kept within our budget and we were also able to move in earlier than what was scheduled previously.

Jayson suggested us to try using a particular energy-saving aircon which indeed helped us save so much on our electricity bills. He would let us know the areas that needed to be touched up and we trusted him to do all the things for us.”

“While looking for someone to do up my place, I browsed through a renovation website and started talking to a few interior designers from there. One of the reasons why I decided to engage Ascenders was because Jayson and the team seemed knowledgeable and really knew what they were talking about.

They were also very honest in letting me know what can and cannot be done. It has been a pleasant working experience with Jayson and one of his colleagues, as they did their best to make sure that we clients pay for, are value for money.

His workmanship was reasonably good and even after my renovation was completed, Jayson was fast in following up with touch ups and asking his contractors to come down and fix them.”

“We met up a few times with Jayson and he would explain clearly to us things that we would be expecting for the renovation. He was very flexible and he planned the sequence very well so that it was convenient for us whenever we had to schedule a meeting with him.

He was generally responsive to what we were looking for. Since we already knew what we wanted to do for our place, we didn’t really need a lot of input from Jayson but he would give us suggestions on how we could improve on the ideas nonetheless.

As we are not professionals who do all these day-to-day, we might have missed out on certain things but Jayson would remind us of certain things to look out for. There were a few things that he didn’t really catch until only during construction like how the sliding door couldn’t meet the skirting of the floor but Jayson was quick to rectify it after it was pointed out to him.

Overall, his service and delivery were great.”

“I was seeking for quotes online and Ascenders Design Studio came back to me with a quotation so I decided to meet up with them. Jayson was the designer who was assigned to handle my project and I would say that he is a very responsible person. The renovation went well according to schedule and the price was reasonable too.

Since I already had some ideas in mind, my discussion with him wasn’t so much about the design so perhaps some of the things did not come across clearly to him. However, there were definitely improvements after more discussions with him.

When there were areas which were not done perfectly, I would raise the issue to Jayson and he would quickly arrange to resolve the issue. Jayson has a great working attitude so keep up the good work!”

“They were recommended by a friend who has previously engaged them for their renovation works so I decided to try them out since they were able to do what I was looking for. It has been a good experience and there was no hassle throughout the whole process.

There were no delays as everything was pretty much on schedule. Their quality and workmanship in particular, should be commended on, and I’m happy with the standards of works that Jayson had provided to me.”

“Since it was our first time going through a renovation, we had no idea what was going on nor what we were supposed to do. Jayson has been very helpful and easy to work with due to his easy-going personality. We told Jayson straight up the things that we wanted to do and he would willingly do the work without showing us any hard feelings.

When we first got our house keys, Jayson came down with us for a site visit. At first glance, my partner and I thought the original house condition was not bad but Jayson, as a professional, pointed out defects that we have overlooked and let us know the things that need to be corrected.
During our kitchen cabinets installation, we initially wanted the opening hook to be on top but Jayson was meticulous enough to warn us that we might risk burning our hands because we have an oven right above the cabinets.

I’m not sure if it is a norm or common practice for interior designers to accompany homeowners for furniture shopping so we were definitely impressed with how he would go an extra mile to select furniture and bathroom fittings with us. He had patiently given us a lot of suggestions on whether the designs or colours would match despite us bombarding him with a lot of questions!”

“My colleague who had previously engaged Ascenders Design Studio for some minor renovation works shared with me about his good experience with Ascenders so I decided to talk to them about my renovation too.

Comparing the price that Ascenders had given me with other interior design firms which I had spoken to, Ascenders was not the cheapest but they gave me a reasonable pricing based on what they can offer me.

Jonathan, the interior designer, was very proactive in giving me various alternatives to what I can do for my home. It was how Jonathan went the extra mile to get to know my requirements that really impressed me.

When there were any problems, Jonathan would keep me informed so that we can come together to make a decision on how we can go forward.”

“Overall, it was a pretty good experience working with Ascenders Design Studio for our home renovation. We started off our renovation discussion with some ideas in mind and when we communicated them to Jayson, he listened well and came up with a suitable proposal after understanding our needs.

As with most renovation, there are bound to be hiccups and similarly in our case, we did encouter some small issues along the way. Nevertheless, the good thing about Jayson is that he would address our concerns whenever he highlighted the issues to him.

For example, we had issues with one of their subcontractors but Jayson handled the situation professionally and got a better and more experienced person to take over the job. It was great how promptly he responded to our problems.”

“During the initial stages of coming out with the designs for our home, all we had to do was to tell Jayson our concept and he would draw out the sketches for us. He was very fast in getting back to us with the designs. It was not just the drawings that he was good in, but he has also done a very efficient job in managing the whole project.

Instead of us having to push interior designers for updates, Jayson would take the initiative to keep us updated regularly on the progress. If we discover any defects, he would also be prompt to come down to rectify them. On the whole, the renovation went very smoothly and we were pleased to have engaged them for our renovation.”

“We were planning to renovate my parent’s place so we started getting referrals from our friends who have done renovation in the past. One of my friends recommended me to Ascenders Design Studio and from there, I liaised with Kayden for our home renovation.

Kayden managed the schedule very well and whenever we had an appointment, he would never fail to be on time. When I told him my ideas, he would suggest ways and alternatives as to how we improvise on the ideas proposed. Everything went perfectly fine with Ascenders Design Studio so I will definitely recommend them to other homeowners.”

“Their price is affordable and Jayson patiently went through a very detailed quotation with us. This made him more trustworthy compared to other companies’ quotations which were ambiguous and unclear. We feel more comfortable working with someone who can assure us upfront. Although we had tons of questions for Jayson, he handled our questions professionally.

Their service is beyond satisfactory and really exceeded our expectation. Their service was prompt and they finished the project way before dateline, all within 1.5 months. After the chemical washing and handover, we found that some of the finishing works were not quite well done and we also found some specks of water marks on the tiles. We feedback those issues to him and he came down on the day itself and got the problem solved within the next few days.

I am very impressed with his sense of responsibility. Although Jayson told me that he was settling some problems with his contractor, he did not cause any further delay and act upon the issue immediately. He shouldered all responsibility and settled the problem amicably.

Overall, we enjoyed working with him as he paved a hassle-free renovation for us. He has definitely gained our trust and has built credibility between his customers and his company.”

“Jonathan, our designer, is friendly and always open to suggestions. When we faced some obstacles regarding the space management, we are very impressed with how Jonathan came out with innovative ideas on how to make the place manageable. There were no other problems and the renovation was completed within 2 months”

“We were impressed with Shellin’s approach as she showed great interest in what we wanted and spent a lot of time trying to find out more details on our requirements. She is very responsive and usually will get back to us within a day or two.

Her good service extends beyond the renovation. After the renovation, she would still arrange for her contractors to attend to our needs without much delay or hesitation.”

“We met up with several interior designer companies and we did our comparisons based on what the IDs were able to propose to us. We decided to engage Jonathan as we felt that he is really sincere and upfront with his views regarding the renovation. Basically, the whole renovation process was trouble-free.

When my family and I were all busy with preparing for the upcoming festive season, we entrusted the whole project to him and left our house in his good hands.

I gave him the flexibility to handle the renovation at his own pace and do whatever he deem necessary. He took care of everything very well! I only had to visit the place 3 times because he would always keep me updated on the progress.”

“We met a few interior designers but eventually selected Ascenders Design Studio because we like the overall experience discussing our renovation needs with them and their pricing was reasonable too.

We spoke to Vanessa and it’s great how she could answer all our queries confidently on the spot rather than a few other IDs we met who continually had to check and could only back to us on another time.

We were looking to create a simple home and Ascenders’ designs came out to be more or less what we wanted. I personally like going down to the site to have a look at the renovation works but Vanessa has been actively updating us about the progress too.

After-sales service was efficient where Vanessa was quick resolve any issues that we have highlighted to her.”

“Although their price is not the cheapest, we really like their service and design concept. They are prompt and always on the ball. Rectification works were done up quickly and after sales service is excellent even though our house is a small-scale project.”

“As compared to other designers, we felt that Ascenders seem to understand our requirements better. We were certain things would work out well since our initial experience with them was pretty positive.

Indeed, the renovation is relatively smooth and we did not encounter many issues. We were really impressed by their prompt responses and their capabilities to propose good solutions whenever there were any arising issues.”

“I liked how they presented their portfolio to me, as their design is unique and the concept is exactly what I wanted. The interior designer, Kandy, co-ordinated the project really well and I had the least worries over the renovation.

One thing that really impressed me was that the TV feature wall that he designed because it turned out to be much nicer than what I originally wanted. There was a hiccup when I requested them to shift the position of one of my aircon, but they got it resolved quickly and professionally.”

“Prompt follow-up and service from Ascenders. Everything is up to expectations as things went according to timeline, and all works were completed and done up nicely. We did find several defects (not unlike any other renovation works) but they got everything resolved in no time.

Service level was still good after the renovation. I contacted Kandy about the table top and she immediately arranged for her contractors to polish the top up to my satisfaction.”

“Ascenders was the only interior design firm that we had spoken to, before making our decision to engage them. It was a good experience from the start so we didn’t really see a need to do much comparisons with other IDs. The pricing was reasonable too.

We told Kandy what we wanted and she was able to come up with a good concept for us. As we are both working adults, we did not have the luxury to oversee the renovation all the time but Kandy has taken the responsibility in helping us make sure everything is alright.

Kandy anticipated a slight delay in the handover timing for us but at least she made a point to tell us in advance of the potential delay.”

“We received a lot of good reviews and feedback from our friends saying that this interior design company is very good. We met up with Kandy and enjoyed working with her. She is a very responsible lady who will visit the site everyday and update me on the progress.

She has also helped us to spot for defects and got her team of contractors to rectify it. She is detailed and very prompt, to the extent that she will answer my phone calls even on public holidays and weekends.”

“Their service is prompt and there were not much issues on site. They managed to complete the project even before the stated timeline. Despite my busy schedule, Jason never fails to update me on the progress of work every day. Workmanship is pretty good and price is competitive too.”

“I met up with the designers, Shellin and Sean. Both are them are very easy going so we could connect pretty well. They were both receptive to my ideas and would try their best to incorporate those ideas into the design concept.

They went the extra mile by spending a whole day to accompany me for furniture selection. The service they provided me was very personal and yet, professional.”

“We were recommended to this interior design firm by one of my ex-colleagues who have used their service before. The designer, Kandy, usually respond within a short time, even when she was overseas!

It was a really pleasant experience working with her. She was very efficient in coordinating the tasks with her contractors to get things done quickly.

Basically, she took care of the whole project and she arranged for her contractors to meet up with us on specific dates at our convenience.

Overall, the renovation was hassle-free and their workmanship is good.”

“Kayden is my ex-classmate and we started talking since I needed someone to help me with designing my home. I eventually did engage Kayden as he was able to offer me a reasonable quotation. The overall experience with him was pleasant and I am very pleased that he took the responsibility to be on site all the time to supervise his contractors.”

“We met up with 3 IDs and decided to go with Jayson from Ascenders as he was friendly and we felt comfortable with. He managed to understand what we wanted and he could match our budget.

The renovation was relatively smooth, almost no miscommunications and everything was done and delivered as he had planned! When we texted Jayson late at night to check on the renovation works, he would reply promptly.

Even after-sales service was really swift. Would definitely recommend his service and attitude.”