4 Quick HDB Interior Designing Ideas

A decade ago, Housing Development Board interior design or HDB interior design services weren’t very popular. But, when in 2013, the percentage of population living in such accommodation came out to about 80% , people started taking this business seriously.

It has gripped the market strongly over the years, being able to turn a normal 2 Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen into a luxurious apartment. How good it is to relish the facilities provided by the government and have the look of your home as you desire.

Here, we give you the best HDB interior design tips and ideas to renovate your apartment.

Colour Scheme

What do you like the most, vibrant colour combos or similar colour palettes? Both the colour schemes create their own aura. Vibrant colours look more upbeat and fresh where similar colour palettes are more cosy, serene and give the house a single definitive tone.

Make Your Room Look Spacious

There are many HDB interior design ideas to make a tiny room look spacious. For example, the use of mirrors on the closet doors, use of light colours on the walls and the ceiling and use of lighting at proper places. These little changes add depth to the room and make it look more spacious.

Multi-Purpose Accessories

This could be the wisest decision you make to use your room space. If you are running out of space in the room, then removing the long-legged table and a separate side cupboards you have around the corner of your bed. Replacing it with a table cum cupboard that has an extra space beneath it to store things. A good HDB interior design service provider will tell you the same.

Designing with Decor

As you underline a word to show its importance and grab attention in a sentence, a well-trained designer is able to use day to day items or accessories to inject life or even personality into a home. A rug, for example, simple as it is, when placed at a strategically would do the same for a home. Textured rugs are a good option to go for a little above the normal look of the room. They look classy.

While adding the above decor items in your home, run them on these three parameters.

  • Budget
  • Comfort
  • Style

Go for the product or option that stands tall in all the three parameters. Say goodbye to the old look of a HOUSE and welcome the new, planned and stylish look of your HOME with the best HDB interior design services.